Shell Tameer Awards is a business plan competition that puts your entrepreneurial creativity and talent to the test. Hosted by Shell Tameer, the Awards recognize and reward the brightest business ideas in Pakistan by providing the platform needed to make your business thrive!

Launched in 2003, Tameer Awards calls on successful young entrepreneurs from across the country to showcase their business achievements.

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When no one was talking about entrepreneurship, Tameer Awards was. Launched with humble beginnings in 2003, Tameer Awards provided a platform to recognize already established entrepreneurs.

As Tameer grew, our entrepreneurs’ voice had to as well. In 2004, Tameer Awards further built on our entrepreneurs’ stories by amplifying them through local media partnerships

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Award Categories

Technology Innovation

Are you a technology innovator with an enterprise using tech solutions to change the way things are done? Shell Tameer is looking for enterprises that are challenging traditional ways; making lives smarter, easier and quicker. Clutter breaking technological innovation that is making waves in any field out there be it medicine, health, education, IT and beyond is what we are looking for. As long as you can demonstrate that your enterprise is making noteworthy innovation in technology or its application – we’re game!

Empowering Women

Are you a strong proponent of women empowerment? Shell Tameer wants to celebrate enterprises aimed at creating employment opportunities to advance gender equality and enhance the socio-economic status of women in our society. Does your enterprise empower women in the workplace, marketplace and their community, enabling them to earn a sustainable livelihood and improve their standard of living?

Sustainable Social Change

Are you an ambassador of change? Shell Tameer aims to recognise outstanding social enterprises that are passionate in delivering significant change in the lives of communities by implementing sustainable solutions. Is your enterprise helping galvanize change in the life of communities? If so, tell us your story and let us help you make further headlines!

Bright Energy Ideas

Do you thrive on energy? Do you have an idea that can transform the way we look at energy? Shell Tameer wants to help nurture creative minds transform sustainable energy solutions to actuality. Will your idea or enterprises enable development of more and cleaner energy solutions or help increase access to energy for more people. If you are buzzing with a bright idea come forward and together let’s make a brighter, smarter and more energy efficient future!

2012 was about more commitment than ever before at a local level. In addition to all support given in previous years, Tameer initiated engagement through workshops with entrepreneurs on business planning and scaling up throughout the year.

Coverage in international publications like New York Times, researching newer ways of making products more commercially viable, and support with international business development were just a few ways of how we worked with our entrepreneurs this year. 10 years in, Shell Tameer truly became a 360 degree support system for our entrepreneurs, hereby reinforcing how much they and their stories mean to us.

By 2005, the germs of entrepreneurship had spread – young people started seriously considering it! But there was still one unanswered question - how does one get that initial push to realize one’s dream? To tackle this, we introduced financial support through local grants

Stepping up a notch in 2008, Tameer Awards introduced its global muscle to our local entrepreneurs. Various competitions by Shell LiveWIRE were introduced like ‘Top 10 Innovators Award’, a grant that tests people on ingenuity and ‘Let’s Go Trade Grant’, a grant allowing entrepreneurs to visit and explore markets abroad, hereby giving them global exposure

Judging Process

In Stage One, after the submission deadline, applications that are complete, meeting the eligibility criteria and are innovative are shortlisted.

In Stage Two, top applicants in each category are invited to present their business plans to a credible panel of independent judges from Industry, Academia, and Media who will evaluate candidates based on their entrepreneurial creativity.

In the last stage, top winners in each category are recognized and rewarded.

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Sara Saeed


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Wajiha Tariq

Kaghaz Kay Karnamay

Sanwal Muneer

Capture Mobility

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Humaira Bachal

Dream Foundation

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Shamoon Sultan - Khaadi

Kashif ul Haq - Corvit

Mahbina Waheed - Clayworks

Abdul Haque Khan
Taj Trading Company

Gulraiz Khan - Samovar

Fatima Tendai - Tendai Lamps
Syed Yasir Hassan - Smart Surgisol
Humaira Bachal - Dream Foundation
Sanwal Muneer - Capture Mobility